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Ronak Vyas and Dr. Abhi Kasinadhuni

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Welcome to the MedCoShare Podcast, where we explore the world of private practice healthcare. In this episode, CEO Ronak Vyas chats with Dr. Abhi Kasinadhuni about his journey in internal and vascular medicine, as well as his venture into men’s medical esthetics.

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Ronak 0:00
Welcome to the MedCoShare Podcast, the podcast where we learn everything about what it’s like to be a private practice healthcare practitioner in today’s world. We dig deep into the challenges of being a healthcare practitioner, but also the rewarding aspects that the work entails. My name is Ronak Vyas and I’m the CEO and co founder of MedCoShare. Today’s guest is Dr. Abhi Kasinadhuni, Dr. Kas has a background in internal and vascular medicine with a specialty in venous and lymphatic disease, focusing mainly on vein disease and ailments related to the veins. While training for his fellowship, he realized that many of his patients were interested in getting their veins fixed, like spider veins, which goes hand in hand with skin aesthetics. Since many professionals have practices centralized around aethetics, his goal shifted to making this space better and more unique. In 2021, he came across men’s medical esthetics as a male and a medical professional, he thought this was a wonderful concept and immediately saw the need for this type of space. Not long after he opened Spartan MD in King of Prussia, and then a second location in San Diego. Dr. Kas, welcome to the show.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 1:06
Thank you very much Ronak. How are you?

Ronak 1:08
Good, good. So we’ve known each other for a few years now, you first became a MedCoShare member in our Fishtown location about three years ago. But before we get into that, just tell us a little bit about your background.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 1:21
So I think you summed up pretty nicely I am trained in internal medicine and vascular medicine, I did my fellowship in that, I focus on venous and lymphatic disease, and primarily in the outpatient setting there. I really, really enjoy the type of patients that I see in the vascular space primarily because I have a procedural background, and the beauty and you know, the phenomenal thing that I’m able to do is really restore, you know, ambulation and restore quality of life and my patients that, you know, I find to be the exact reason that I became a doctor. And so for that reason, I absolutely love what I do. And then what’s more gratifying is, you know, when my patients do come back and tell me, Hey, I’m able to do all these things that I was never able to before. And yeah, that’s, that’s the best compliment that I can get that my work has had that much of an impact in their life.

Ronak 2:24
Yeah, and you’re married with two kids, right?

Dr. Kasinadhuni 2:26
Yep. married with two kids. Beautiful. Kids, wonderful ages. So my daughter’s three, my son’s one. My wife, I won’t tell you her age, but you know, she is beautiful and ever youthful. So. And we have a wonderful golden. So the perfect family.

Ronak 2:42
Nice, nice. See, I have two daughters, myself and a double doodle, which is one of these designer breeds. And just, you know, it was a COVID dog, right? People got pets during COVID. But now we love this guy. So, you know, you’re doing an amazing job as your you know, your day job. But, you know, the primary interest for me especially is your side gig, right, which is Spartan MD. So just tell us a little bit about that. What services you provide and a little bit more about, you know, why you wanted to start that? Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 3:18
And I think I’d love to clarify one thing here. You know, I wouldn’t want to give anybody the impression that the medical, men’s medical space is anything to the side or something that’s complimenting my main thing, I mean, I happen to devote more time to the vascular space, and I absolutely love doing that. I’m passionate about it. And that’s, you know, one of the reasons I joined medicine, but the beauty of medicine is that especially in this day and age, there are so many specialties sub specialties focuses that don’t have to be, we don’t have to be, you know, single pronged in our approach. And so I love the fact that I get to participate in the vascular space. But I also love that I’ve been introduced to this niche, which is mens aesthetic medicine, which I would have never come across that had I not, you know, taking a dive into this space. And I’d love to see this other thing grow because my personal feeling is that, you know, men now more than ever do need not only the aesthetic component, not only the, you know, services that we offer in the aesthetic component, but even taking a step further, you know, men’s services relating to dermatology, primary care, mental health support. I think all of these services are necessary and there should be services tailored to men. And that’s why I took that dive.

Ronak 4:54
Yeah, and it’s definitely a growing trend. I think, you know, men just don’t talk about it as much But you see a need with so many different types of businesses that open up like like yours. So tell us a little bit more about the services that you provide.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 5:11
Yeah, absolutely. So some of our most popular services include hair transplant and hair restoration. We also do weight loss, anti aging, peptides. You know, in the sexual wellness division, we offer male enhancement, testosterone replacement, we also offer support with erectile dysfunction. And the overarching theme here is we really, really try to address the root cause, not just medically, but even psychologically, you know, what is contributing to, you know, a person’s, I guess, ultimately what’s affecting your body image, how you view yourself, and you know, what’s affecting your confidence on a day to day basis. So I think that what makes us really different here is that we don’t take a black and white approach to Okay, yeah, you need a hair transplant, you’ve got a bald spot, no big deal. Here’s what we give, you know, we really talk you through the process and try to understand what’s affecting you on a day to day basis, such that we’re not only offering the hair restoration, but in doing so we try to tackle every other health matter that might be affecting you. And so I like to view us as a more comprehensive service in that matter. And in in that way, a number of our clients do come back for these other services, or to get help in other facets of their life. Because hair loss is not just hair loss, it’s often associated with stress, weight gain, maybe, you know, altered hormone levels related to age or something, you know, more medical related. So in that way, we’ve been able to help our patients and not just treating one thing, but I guess all the stressors and conditions leading up to it.

Ronak 7:04
Right now that makes sense. So what’s the most popular service that you see demand for?

Dr. Kasinadhuni 7:11
hair transplant and male enhancement? Okay, yeah. The hair transplants obvious, because, you know, as far as hair goes, I mean, I think hair loss is just a natural component of aging to some degree. But of course, in this day and age, with the type of diets that Americans consume with the type of stress that we’re undergoing, either due to our professional commitments, or what we’re seeing in our personal lives, and even the, you know, medical conditions that we are seeing, you know, on the rise, all these things contribute to more than just a normal, you know, amount of hair loss. And so the hair transplant in the, you know, the hair transplant a lot of people know about. One thing I’d love to point out is our hair restoration services. A lot of folks are under the impression that it’s you either get a hair transplant or nothing at all. And I love to highlight to patients that, that no, that’s not your only solution. And there’s a lot of stuff in between that one should consider. You know, it can be something as mild as PRP therapy, exosomes, red light therapy, you know, the use of pharmacological treatments to enhance hair growth. The beauty of it is that this is not just for men, but we also do get a fair amount of female clientele who also never knew that all these things existed, they’ll come into our office thinking they need a hair transplant, when in reality, they just needed a couple of minimally invasive injections, or some pharmacological treatment to help boost their hair growth. And, you know, that’s, that’s the coolest part of what we do. To let people know, we actually have a bunch of stuff that we can offer. It’s not like it used to be. And to that point, one of the things that we’re starting to see more and more of, is postpartum hair loss patients. So like, we get a lot of women and I know the females can definitely relate to this, you know, you have a baby. And in the months after he had these tiny little baby hairs, I’m not talking about your actual baby, but you lose so much, so much hair through that process that postpartum you see these tiny little baby hairs growing out of your scalp because you lost hair. And so, you know, I know a number of women, including my own wife, who was a little concerned with, Hey, I had some significant hair loss. What do we do about this? And so our exosome therapy is a wonderful answer to that. And the beauty of it is it does it’s not invasive. Again, it’s just a few injections, to one time treatment, you don’t need to keep coming back every week or every month. So that’s a lovely therapy. And then the other thing you know, I was telling you about is our male enhancement service. So that’s also something quite proprietary that we offer. And, you know, in that department, I mean, to be completely frank, male enhancement is penis enlargement. And so I know there are a number of men who feel that that’s something they can’t talk about. I’m sure they don’t feel comfortable even talking about it with their partners, because it’s such a sensitive topic. But one of the things that we’re trying to do is educate, advocate, and take the stigma away from some of these topics, because it’s important in this day and age to address such things and to address those body image issues. And to that point, you know, one of the conversations we have is, you know, when people come in for consultations, we try to understand, hey, what’s what’s really going on here? Right? Do you feel that the size is an issue? Or do you feel like there’s maybe some other component to this? Yeah. And that takes us back to understanding the patient. So we’re not just trying to sell a service here, we really need to make sure that we understand the root of the problem.

Ronak 11:04
Sure. And how much does something like that cost, and I’m only asking for a friend.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 11:10
Well, your friend should definitely come in, so that we can do a proper consultation. But the beauty of what we offer is it is a one time service. So a lot of the services out there that offer any type of enhancement are usually every six months or a year, because they’re temporary services, but are a temporary solution. Ours is permanent. And so we do apply a filler that is a one time deal in the cost varies based on how much we need to do what area we need to do, but it starts anywhere from roughly 7000 then it goes up.

Ronak 11:49
Okay. All right. So you’re in two locations, and King of Prussia and San Diego. What has growth been like? And do you have plans for expansion?

Dr. Kasinadhuni 11:59
Yeah, absolutely. Growth has been great. I mean, I think, because men and women don’t know that these services exist. Part of our, you know, challenge, part of the challenge that we’ve faced is educating, education. So folks need to be aware that this service exists to even start looking for the service. So, you know, in the marketing world, this is some, you know, sometimes referred to as a brand awareness campaign, where we’re not just trying to sell the services, we need to let people know why these services are even needed, or you know, what they are, and the fact that they exist. So that’s part of it part of the challenge, but it’s been great, you know, a lot more people at the same time are looking for this than one would imagine. And the fact that we are expanding and looking to grow, continuing to grow, I think, you know, this the sky’s the limit, and in In fact, the more we continue to continue to educate the more competition, we, you know, will we see, the better it is for our market, because that means our niche is growing, and it’s no longer a niche. So I actually look forward to that.

Ronak 13:12
Yeah, I mean, I can’t imagine marketing being easy, but you know, just because the search term, penile enlargements, right, they’re probably not searching for those terms. Yeah, it’s probably something else that’s leading them to many other websites I can imagine. And so I mean, how do you get new patients? What have you been doing to? You know, make sure you get the right crowd?

Dr. Kasinadhuni 13:33
Yeah, absolutely. So I think, you know, word of mouth is really important, in that that’s been good to us. Good for us. As far as digital marketing, we do rely heavily on that. Because, you know, when it comes to digital marketing that to Google Pay Per Click ads, people are seeking your service out, they’re actively looking for what you’re offering. And so it’s really important for us to position ourselves in a way that, you know, we, we accurately represent what we’re providing, but also we we give them a degree of confidence that okay, we really are professionals, and we’re not trying to sell you a pill or a cream or something substandard, which, unfortunately, has plagued that industry of, you know, men’s enhancement and enlargement. So, in that, too, like you said, it leads them leads them down the wrong rabbit hole of much more, you know, explicit stuff, which is absolutely not what we’re trying to attract.

Ronak 13:33

Dr. Kasinadhuni 13:33
And I think it’s worth noting that a lot of our clientele they belong to the men belong to a demographic quite different than what one would imagine. And that is a 30 to 55 demographic, they’re generally a little bit more well established. More often than Not they’re in long term relationships, or married. Again, not always the case. But generally speaking, they have families. And I like to point this out, because, you know, this type of service, you know, one would think maybe would be provided for a single gentleman trying to, you know, explore do more, and you know, that sort of thing, we actually don’t see that as much we see it, we see gentlemen coming from, you know, long, sustaining healthy relationships, they’re just trying to spice up their love life, or, you know, the gentleman or trying to get a little bit more confidence, whether it’s inside the bedroom or out. And the beauty of the procedure that we do is not only that it’s permanent, but you get that permanent enhancement, whether it’s flacid or erect. And why is that relevant? You know, I joke with my patients that, you know, you’re going to exude confidence from bedroom to boardroom. And so hopefully, nobody trademarks that, because I think I came up with it.

Ronak 16:11
That’s a good slogan.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 16:12
But really, I mean, you know, if you, if you take it back to primitive times, I would say that, you know, whether it’s sexuality or anything else, men really do. I guess they really relate a lot of their masculinity to the size of their genitalia or their performance, I think there’s a strong, you know, link there, a strong connect. And, you know, right or wrong. I’ve heard a lot of my patients say the same that, you know, I just don’t feel confident because of size, or my ability to perform a certain way. And I think that, you know, that feeling, probably has existed for a long time. But you know, because we’re, in a day and age where people are talking maybe a little bit more, we’re hearing more about it. And so, you know, the important thing to note here is that, you know, people are finally speaking out, and so that way, that’s why we can continue to address this issue, and provide solutions. And that’s why we’re trying, we’re continuing to see this space grow.

Ronak 17:25
No, absolutely. And thank you for this candid conversation. I know, it’s something that not a lot of people talk about, you know, unless you’re you know, online trying to scam other people, you know, you just see all these companies that just go down the wrong path, trying to, you know, pry on people’s insecurities and, and take advantage of that. So, you know, I appreciate your honesty here. Dr. Kas this has been amazing. Where can patients find you?

Dr. Kasinadhuni 17:54
So patients can find us online. You can look us up, that’s spelled s p a r t a n m for men d for doctor .com. And, yeah, I mean, listen, I think the hardest thing to do, is taking that first step reaching out. And I like to tell everybody that, you know, you’re not, there’s no cost to doing that. In fact, if you have any question or concern whatsoever, regarding the male enhancement procedure, or anything else, the most important thing you can do is just reach out. And, you know, our consultants are so wonderful. They’re comforting. And we don’t follow any kind of high pressured sales approach. Like, you know, maybe some other industries do, we really want to hear about, you know, your background, your concerns, your health issues. And if we’re lucky enough to gain your trust, then we’d love to help you out. And, you know, the last thing that I like to point out is, again, whether it’s in the mail enhancement space or otherwise, like you said, yourself, there’s a lot of spam, a lot of phony stuff out there. And people asked me, Did you ever envision yourself doing this and how did you even end up in the space? I think the most important thing I like to convey is that there is always somebody else doing this and probably and they probably are, you know, scamming people are not doing a great job. And so I’d rather be the trusted person that delivers a quality product or and quality service. And, you know, if there is somebody out there doing substandard work well, we want to be the light that shines bright. So in a way where if you’ve got 10 Guys, I want to be that one guy that does such a good job that you guys rely on me to deliver that service for you. So I don’t know if that makes sense to you. In a world of scammers, we want to be the good guys.

Ronak 20:04
Yeah, no and we need you. So appreciate, appreciate you coming on and this was a great show. Thank you.

Dr. Kasinadhuni 20:10
Yeah, thank you so much and I hope we do it again.

Anthony 20:12
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