About MedCoShare

About Us

Based on their experiences in healthcare and in real-estate, the founders realized that there is demand for healthcare office space that isn’t being met by traditional leasing models.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable physicians and other healthcare providers to get office space that meets and adapts to their changing needs, and support a renewed flourishing of private practice in the United States.

Philadelphia Location

South Jersey Location

Our Team

Greg Goldmacher

Greg is a physician, scientist, and currently a clinical development executive in a major pharma company. He also has a business education, and experience starting commercial and non-profit organizations.

Anthony Khan

Anthony has been a Project Manager for 15+ years serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, and telecom industries. Co-founder of ARA Group LLC and apartment investment syndicator.

Amit Mundade

Amit is a realtor at Redfin and has sold 54 transactions valued at over $24M in the past year. He is a successful real estate developer, flipper, and operator. Prior to real estate he was a project engineer at Rolls-Royce Aerospace for 10 years.

Ronak Vyas

Ronak is a successful commercial real estate broker and investor with over $50,000,000 in transaction volume. Co-founded ARA Group LLC which is an investment holding company with 25+ rental units in two states.