Prem Shah

Prem brings experience across all different elements of the care delivery system from his nuanced public health education at Temple University to his nonprofit work where he improved the scalability and sustainability of CeaseFire Philadelphia to his current consulting career in the pharmaceutical industry where he drives pricing and market access recommendations for clients. He serves to expand MedCoShare from a provisionary space for current physicians and healthcare providers into a reimagined experience of delivering and receiving care for providers and patients alike; his dream is to make MedCoShare into a common household name for current and prospective providers and patients to truly redefine the standard of care.

Outside of work, Prem currently resides in New York City, allowing the city to support his creative side. You may find him DJing at various nightclubs in the evenings or enjoying a cup of tea during the day at the various cafes that line the streets of New York. In addition, he’s an avid globetrotter—his most recent trip was to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, ask him about it!

“I’ve always found it to be exciting to build something from nothing. It’s been more a motto for my life in various pursuits, and MedCoShare is nothing but that. This is a team of individuals looking to shape healthcare in a holistic manner for providers and looks to bring a new meaning to what private practice looks like in the US. Receiving care no longer needs to be a monotonous and intimidating task, it can be more lively, welcoming, and open, something that coworking spaces allow. Additionally, they allow for providers to bring their best selves to work, to provide high quality care to patients, and create a community that has both providers and patients in mind. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone is really looking for—community and flexibility.”

Feel free to connect with Prem on Linkedin or send him an email. MedCoShare is always open to having conversations for everyone and anyone interested. Hit our line!

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