Greg Goldmacher

Gregory Goldmacher, MD, PhD, MBA is a physician, scientist, and biopharmaceutical executive. He got his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, and his MD and PhD (in neuroscience) from the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He did his clinical training in diagnostic radiology, then additional research training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University before focusing his career on clinical research.

After joining the biopharma industry, Greg rounded out his education with an MBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, where he and Ronak Vyas became friends and collaborators on a variety of projects, then founded MedCoShare together after they graduated. Greg brings to the company his knowledge of healthcare, and a passion for service and innovation.

Quote: “I have many physician colleagues who are unhappy with the way medicine has changed, and are looking for ways to forge their own path. I think we have a huge opportunity to help doctors like my friends rediscover their love of medicine outside traditional employment models, and I see what we’re doing as transformative. Happy independent doctors will deliver better and more sustainable care, and I want to be part of that.”

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