Pearland’s Growing Medical Community and How MedCoShare Cultivates New Practices

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Houston is home to one of the largest medical communities in the world. Additionally, the city is one of the best areas to start a business. These factors make Houston the perfect place for establishing a private practice. The growing community in Houston also facilitates independent physicians. As such, Houston is a location to consider when making a private medical practice. 

A Thriving Community

One of the biggest reasons Houston has a vast medical community is that it holds the largest medical center in the world. The Texas Medical Center(TMC) holds the title of the largest medical center in the world. The locale contains 54 medicine-related institutions, 21 hospitals, eight academic and research institutions, and much more. Additionally, over 160,000 people visit TMC each day. The community in Houston makes the city teem with opportunity. 

Many experts in the community will surround individuals. The density of these people can expand an independent physician’s network. An expansive network will effectively increase referrals and connect one to both patients and physicians. MedCoShare medical coworking offices speed up this process by connecting doctors to a built-in referral system. At MedCoShare Pearland, you won’t be short of referrals or second opinions from peers. 

An Ideal Area for Business

Houston does not only have an expansive medical community but is a city that cultivates small and new businesses. For example, Fortune ranked the city as the fourth best place among large metropolitan areas in the U.S. to launch a company. Furthermore, the city has the third lowest living costs among the metro areas in the U.S. The city also has many affordable spaces to work in, MedCoShare offices being among them. 

In summation, Houston has one of the largest medical communities in the world. Plus, the area is super friendly to individuals starting their businesses. These factors make Houston the perfect place to start a private medical practice. And with the help of MedCoShare, you can elevate your private practice. Learn more about our offices for rent in Houston at MedCoShare Texas.


Date: July 10, 2024


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What Our Providers Have To Say...

Joining MedcoShare has been a true dream for a first time business owner like myself. Having the peace of mind of a consistent overhead month to month, while also having the freedom to sign up for as much or as little time as I need, has provided a wonderful combination of flexibility and simplicity.

- Andrew Gross, DC | Gross Sports Chiropractic

The facilities at MedCoShare are clean, professional, and what you would expect from a high-quality medical office. My patients agree, commenting frequently on how nice the office space is. I have had the opportunity to interact with many members of the MedCoShare team... They will do what they can to help your practice grow and minimize the headaches of leasing medical office space.

- Dr. Kavalek | Co-owner/Co-founder of Blue Ocean Health Direct Primary Care clinic

Overall, if you're a physician interested in starting or growing your practice, I highly recommend MedCoShare. They take care of the administrative tasks, offer flexibility in office hours, and have a supportive and responsive staff. They have truly been instrumental in my journey, and I'm confident they will be for you too.

- Dr. Michaela Mocanu, MD | Hypertension and Kidney Health LLC

We joined MedCoShare about a year ago and I can say with great confidence that's it's been a great experience for us so far. It's been exciting to enter the Philadelphia market. Patient feedback has been positive. There's an easy check-in process, wait times have been minimal to non-existent, and the lobby has a medspa type of vibe. We look forward to growing with MedCoShare.

- Nick Anziedo | Physician

The MedCoShare team has been very responsive and easy to work with when my schedule changes.  When my clients arrive, they feel safe, comfortable, and the aesthetics have an excellent image for my business.  I don't have to worry about maintaining the facilities and can focus on my equipment and patients.

- Marybell Rodriguez

Being a new small business owner in the midst of a pandemic, MedCoShare has been a blessing.  Where else could I start a business, build clients, and have a flexible membership with no long-term commitments for peace of mind during the uncertainty?!  If business speeds up or slows down then I can adjust my membership accordingly.

- Marybell Rodriguez