Ideas on how to market your practice

There are many options out there on how to market a medical practice. It can be helpful to have those options narrowed down and simplified to determine which strategies might be the best focus for your practice. This article provides some ideas: 17 Ideas to Market Your Practice

Here are some key takeaways:

Evaluate your website design

  • Ensure easy navigation, clear organization, and a clean simple user interface and design. Patients don’t want to work to find information or how to schedule an appointment. The goal is to make the process as frictionless as possible to get the patient through the door

Search engine optimization

  • SEO techniques relate to using key words relevant to your practice, to maximize the change you will be at the top of search results. Keys to SEO are the content, and regularly posting on your website (new content improves page rank results)

Create and update Google business page

  • Add photos, keep business hours up to date, incentivize reviews from patients

Where to advertise

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
    • “Remarketing” ads (ads for individuals who have already visited a website) are most effective on Facebook
    • Cold audience ads (ads for individuals who have engaged in content with similar interests as your practice) are also effective
  • Offline options including newspapers, billboards, and local TV or radio commercials
  • Get listed in online directories including Yelp, Yahoo! Local, etc. A quick note – you should not respond to online reviews, because this may be seen as compromising patient privacy (even though they posted the review themselves).

Providing patient platforms

  • Giving patients some control with appointment options, more payment options and checking prescription status
  • Email/SMS marketing lets you keep in touch with patients to provide updates, reminders, special offers and general information for patients
  • If you are deciding on an EHR that helps you do this, check out the EHR guide on our website! 

Passing out branded freebies

  • Pens, notebooks, magnets. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Tracking marketing efforts

  • Look at data surrounding patient acquisition cost, conversion rates, search engine rankings, and customer retention to see what needs to be adjusted for your practice to be more successful. Marketing is an exercise in which you continue tweaking campaigns to find the right recipe, there is no one strategy to rule them all.

Reach out to the MedCoShare team to see how we can help you market your practice. We have recently onboarded staff specifically to help you specifically market your practice, ask us to learn more about how you can get involved!


Date: January 23, 2023 8:58 pm

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