Anthony Khan

Anthony has lived in 4 continents and has 20 years experience as a Project and Program Manager serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, and telecom industries.  The variety of companies Anthony worked for ranged from small startups, giving him experience across multiple areas of business, to large Fortune 5 companies with well-defined structures.  His pedigree of experiences made Real Estate and startups a seamless next step. In 2009 he purchased his first real estate investment and that same year started an eCommerce business to mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs.  The masterminding taught Anthony how to build businesses from the ground up which was applied to the eCommerce and Real Estate businesses.  The real estate business was better aligned for Anthony and by 2018 he had obtained 65 units through 13 properties, managing a variety of Single Family and Multi-Family homes.  Due to the success of the projects and returns for investors, Anthony decided to increase in size and take his business model to the next level through partnerships and working with larger pools of investors on Multi-Family properties.  In 2022 his team built out their own management company ( so they could more effectively operate their properties which were over $10M under management at the time.  In 2024 he merged the real estate business with the Strategic Investment Holdings Capital Group ( as that business continues to grow.

In July 2023 Anthony left the Big Corp Program Management world and went full-time with MedCoShare as the CFO to help develop the business further.

Growing up, Anthony’s father started a radiology clinic where they invested large sums of money and time.  Because of this, the MedCoShare model instantly made sense to Anthony and it would have been great for his dad to gradually build that clinic with much lower risk and capital.

“The growth potential for MedCoShare across the US and in the World is endless!  There’s a very strong demand for the flexibility we offer healthcare practitioners and physicians who are looking to start or expand their practice.  I look forward to maximizing the company’s growth and revenue as we expand and help more small businesses get started!”

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