Broken Ink

Provider Name: Paul Leech

Website: Broken Ink Website

BROKEN-INK, LASER Tattoo Removal Clinic is here in Fishtown to help you fade or remove that unwanted tattoo!

Safe and effective LASER technology to remove those unwanted tattoos.  Our laser has 3 wavelengths that can lighten and remove almost every color of pigmented ink that your tattoo can have.  We also provide you with a professional post-treatment aftercare program designed by our Medical Director, an Internal Medicine Physician that has also been trained and certified in Laser Tattoo Removal.  This aftercare program will guide you to achieve the highest efficacy in removing your unwanted tattoo in the most efficient time possible.

Our goal is to have YOU feeling comfortable, educated, and safe throughout every stage of the tattoo removal process.  From our free consultation to your last session, we make it a point to make you as comfortable as possible while providing a safe and professional atmosphere at our MedCoShare facility.

Services Provided:

Laser Tattoo Removal